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Vanlife: Adventures in Small Spaces

Today we have a guest post by my friend Ari Adler from over at on van living.  This concept has been gaining a lot of attention over the past few years and something I’m really interested in. Thanks Ari! Traveling and camping in a Class B RV comes with awesome perks, but those don’t come without …...

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Paradise in Hell: Hellhole Canyon, Anza Borrego

A week or two ago, while discussing socially distanced ways we could celebrate Thanksgiving, my girlfriend and I decided the best thing to do would be to take a camping trip. Once we agreed on a location (just outside Yuma, AZ) we started going through our normal planning motions of finding a good camp site, …...

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Mother Nature’s Best Friend: a Guide to Hiking With Your Dog

Today’s post is brought to us by Johanes Godoy, digital storyteller and the founder of Wanderera. Be sure to check out her blog for some great recommendations on international travel! Hiking is a fun and thrilling experience especially when you finally see the breathtaking view on top. So what could be a better idea than …...

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Sailing San Diego Bay

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a swell weekend.  I was lucky enough to get out of the house and spend some time out on the open water sailing through the bays of San Diego. While I was out there I got to talking to one of the guys that’s involved in the scene …...

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Top Cameras for Wet and Rugged Adventure

But how puny and harmless they now looked beside this huge and terrific incarnation of hate, of vengeance and of death. The man himself, for such I may call him, was fully fifteen feet in height and, on Earth, would have weighed some four hundred pounds. He sat his mount as we sit a horse, …...

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There, among some young pine trees and furze bushes

And his mount! How can earthly words describe it! It towered ten feet at the shoulder; had four legs on either side; a broad flat tail, larger at the tip than at the root, and which it held straight out behind while running; a gaping mouth which split its head from its snout to its …...

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