Fishing and Hunting Tips for This Thanksgiving

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Today we have a guest post from Patrick over at For all my American readers, Thanksgiving is only two weeks away so this information couldn’t be any more timely. Thanks Patrick!

When you are looking to catch your own Thanksgiving dinner you better get prepared.  Getting that catch is critical when you have your entire family counting on you.

First, you will need the correct licenses for your state and are for the game or fish you are looking to catch. Each area and state will have different rules and regulations on what can be hunted at this time, so you should probably start there and ensure that you can actually hunt or fish what you are going after.  Everyone should observe the hunting rules, this is how the fish and wildlife departments regulate how much is taken from the area.  You can also be looking at some pretty hefty fines and even jail time if you don’t observe these rules.

If you are an avid hunter or fisherman then you know what gear you need to get the job done.  However, if you don’t, you might want to find a checklist or watch some videos on what gear you might want to consider.  Remember, every area is different and it is important to dress accordingly.  Many hunting areas require you to have something bright orange on so that other hunters can see you.

Be sure to check that your particular gun or method of kill is also okay for that area and timeframe.  Many places have different licenses and open seasons for different guns and other things used in hunting.  A crossbow season is different than a rifle or bow season, so be sure you know what you are going to use and that it is okay.  And, of course, get the proper licenses for that area.  If you are not sure you can find all this information online at your states’ fish and wildlife department website.

Dress for Hunting and Fishing for the Day

When it is the big day and it is time to go on your hunt be sure that you are prepared with the proper clothing.  Fall can be a tricky time of year in the northern regions, some days it is quite pleasant and nice and others can be really cold.  Dress in layers to ensure that you will not get too hot or too cold.  Bring lunch and keep it in your car or the cooler. You don’t want any smells tripping up your game here.  Try to not smoke, drink coffee or other smells that could be detected downwind.  Most importantly have some fun.  It is time to get out there and enjoy the day! Remember, it might take more than one day, but you can catch your Thanksgiving dinner and take pride in the fact that you did.

Once you have your catch, you will need to keep it fresh until Thanksgiving day.  This may mean that you will have to preserve it in the freezer for some time.  This typically isn’t a problem for wild game as it is low in fat and freezes quite nicely.  Before freezing, obviously, clean the carcass of the animal properly to ensure that Thanksgiving dinner is amazing.

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