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The best way to clean your hiking boots

Hiking boots are heavy duty, but they still need post-hiking care. Here is a simple, step-by-step general approach to cleaning your hiking boots after every outing. Step 1: Wash Them For some hikes, the layer of grime and dirt is so light that just standing in a shallow stream for a few minutes can get …...

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International Travel

Top Travel Destinations in Thailand

The only uncolonized nation in Southeast Asia (not counting nations formed after World War II), Thailand has a rich and colorful culture and history. It reflects the multiple mixed cultures in the region, but has a unique flavor of modernization all its own. Here are the top destinations in Thailand you don’t want to miss! …...

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5 things to pack for a tropical beach

Beaches are fun, and those include tropical beaches! At the same time, being in the tropics, some weather changes can come out of left field. Here are 5 things to pack when you go to a tropical beach. Footwear the sand can fall out of Sand in the tropics is usually made of underwater fields …...

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Dive and Snorkel

5 Things to Know When Travel Scuba Diving

Traveling is a major bonus for scuba divers. Divers can go to new places, experience different cultures, and see unique sights that are unique to certain parts of the world. Traveling can be a frustrating experience for everyone, let alone when planning a dive on your excursion. To keep your dive experience as fun as …...

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5 ways I improved my international travels

There is always a way to improve your travels. The only question is, what works for you? Let us take a look at 5 ways to improve your travels, reducing stress and increasing the overall enjoyment you are likely to experience.  Pack smaller and lighter Resist the urge to get bigger bags to fit in …...

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How to Travel with Chronic Kidney Disease

If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from chronic kidney disease, you know that traveling can be difficult. You may be wondering how to travel with chronic kidney disease and what tips are available to make it easier. Whether you are planning a trip or are already on the road, there …...

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Featured, Fishing

How I Eased My Way Into Fishing

Aside from camping with my dad and grandpa when I was younger, I didn’t have much experience with fishing in my younger years. Fishing was a great way to bond with my family, but it mostly consisted of listening to my dad and grandpa telling stories versus actually catching fish. As I got older, I …...

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