5 ways I improved my international travels

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There is always a way to improve your travels. The only question is, what works for you? Let us take a look at 5 ways to improve your travels, reducing stress and increasing the overall enjoyment you are likely to experience. 

Pack smaller and lighter

Resist the urge to get bigger bags to fit in everything you want to bring. Whatever size you are tempted to get, if you sense that you’re only going bigger “in case” something doesn’t fit, get one size below that. This will force you to seriously reconsider the changes of clothes you want to bring, the traveling gear, even the toiletries and accessories, if your destination calls for that at all. Focus on items that are designed to travel small and light, such as collapsible portable water heaters. 

Go for the TSA PreCheck

The most stressful part of a domestic plane trip tends to be the security check. If you’re rushing to make a  connecting flight, the TSA PreCheck could just possibly save your schedule. It effectively lessens your waiting time, lessens the number of items you would need to take out of your carry-on luggage, and lessens your inconveniences in the security checks. The less stress you go through at the airport, the better your travels will be. 

Bring your own essentials

True, you need to pack small and light, but bring anything you are not sure of buying at the destination. Bring any prescriptions you might need, and fill them before traveling. Bring basic flu and headache medicine. If there are any toiletries you favor over others or require for a medical condition, don’t leave the procurement up to chance or the stock of the destination. The last thing you want to hear is “out of stock” when you desperately need something. 

Carry enough cash for the road

If you are going on a long trip, say multiple treks or hikes within a few days, make sure you bring enough cash to bring you to the next point on the map and then some. Don’t assume that there wiill be other payment options, or that you wont need o detour. Carry enough for gas, a fair-sized amount of groceries, and at least one set of clothing. One major source of travel stress is no cash, no way to pay, and no way to withdraw. As long as you’re carrying your own cash, it will not be a problem. 

Double-check what you can bring on the plane

If you’re camping or sporting in another area or another state, you will probably be taking your own equipment. To avoid the hassle and embarrassment of redistributing your luggage contents, research carefully about where your equipment should go. When in doubt, plan to check the equipment in. There is usually a lot less fuss when the attendants know the items will not be in the airplane cabin with you. Once you have this down, you can plan easier and better for the next trip. 

Are you already doing any or more of these? What has worked for you so far?

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