Top 5 Places to Go Hiking Near Albany

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Why Hike?

Hiking is not all just nature and views and spectacular sunsets. It’s also stress relief, a chance to change your everyday sights, to gain a fresh perspective on the world. And, above all, hiking is healthy. Just 7 hours of activity a week, and you increase your length of life by a whole 40%

Your heart and lungs get healthier, your bone density goes up (very important if you’re in an office job), risk of mental health issues goes down, and you sleep better. Check out the top 5 places to go hiking near Albany, from the easiest to the most challenging!

Top 5 Places to Go Hiking Near Albany

Constitution Marsh Trail

Hikers rate this beautiful trail a 3/10 in terms of difficulty. There’s a gorgeous marsh boardwalk, designed for a leisurely stroll watching birds and other wildlife. The area is quiet and peaceful. You eventually end up at a stunning waterfall to rest and satisfy your eyes at. There are only a few rough and rocky sections you’ll have to watch out for, but this one-and-a-half hour road trip is just right to quiet your soul. 

Buttermilk Falls Gorge Trail

The Buttermilk Falls Gorge Trail is made up mostly of earthy trails and paved steps. You follow the gorge alongside the rushing, cascading creek, going down 500 feet from top to bottom. The waterfalls spread down layers of rock in light sheets or down steps, creating a different view from part to part of the gorge. It’s a good first, scenic step for an early hiker. 

Overlook Mountain

Overlook Mountain is for the more experienced hiker, moderate in difficulty with a few surprises thrown in. The Mountain is a test of stamina rather than agility. A graded, gravel-covered road leads you straight (well, sort of) to the top and back. The view that will keep you going is the abandoned hotel ruins at the top of the mountain, where you can take time to rest and explore. Rest stops are provided as well. 

Cascade Mountain

Cascade Mountain is a mountain you are meant to summit (to reach the top of). It’s 36th in the Adirondack High Peaks. The name “Cascade” comes from the waterfalls that pour into a brook at the base of the mountain. You go up almost 2,000 feet to the summit on a well-marked path with some rocky parts to scramble over. The most attractive part about the summit is the 360-degree view that will reward all your hard work. 

Ausable Adventure Trail

Now this, this is the hiking trail you’ve been waiting for. The Ausable Adventure Trail runs through the Ausable Chasm, rightly called the Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks. This trail runs between the mountains, through a stunning break in the ground. You will cross cable bridges, climb cargo nets, and walk on the very chasm edges and right against the walls. A challenging climb for any thrill seeker, but safely designed with harnesses and even helmets. 

Go Hiking Near Albany!

Change your scenery and get some exercise hours by a hike in Albany. You don’t even need to go that far–make time, ask a group of family members and friends to join you, and take that hike you know you need. 

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