Ways to Help Students Succeed

High school is one of the most challenging stages for a student. He or she goes from being a child enjoying life to a student being prepared for the SAT, the ACT, and all the various application process of each college and university of his or her choice. The culture shock may be enough to surprise a well-doing student into paranoia, and paranoia is never good for sustainable grades. Even worse, it can get in the way of healthy living and the development of healthy relationships. What are the ways to help students succeed, for us parents?

Ways to Help Students Succeed

Invest in Tutoring

According to a survey by ACT, Inc., over 50% of students who enter college are not ready for the classes offered. In the 2012 ACT exam, over 25% did not reach the “college readiness benchmarks” for the four core subjects: English, science, reading, and math. Overall, 60% only reached the benchmarks for two out of the four subjects. Tutoring, tailor-fit to your child’s needs and targeted universities, can eliminate the worries and struggles in college preparation he or she might be dealing with. It can also give your child someone to discuss fears and hopes in college with, reducing stress.

Invest in Brain Training

If your child is active in sports, you might be worrying about how to make sure he or she can be more actively engaged in a cognitive, or thinking, way. After all, one of the challenges is time that is spent in practice, in games, in traveling. In that case, find a center where your child can receive brain training. Cognitive training comes in the form of exercises designed to help a student retain information and process it no matter where they are–showering after practice, on the road, or whizzing through their homework. It eliminates the need to be glued to a desk in the middle of the night, catching up on all the lessons to study.

Invest in Homework Space

If this was important before, it is three times as important in this stage of your student’s life. Create a place somewhere the student enjoys being, dedicated to a certain level of isolation and quiet that will help him or her achieve complete focus. First, make sure there’s a place with enough surface space for your student to spread out as many notes and papers as he or she wants. Portable folding tables are magic for this purpose. Allow your student to decorate or set up the space according to their taste, and even provide them with a desk lamp for a feeling of ownership.

Ways to Help Students Succeed: Invest in Them

High school is one of the most exciting and thrilling times in a student’s life. He or she is learning more about the environment, the future, his or her hopes and dreams. As parents, when we invest in helping our students sustain a healthy life with beneficial relationships by giving them an academic boost, we make it possible for them to have the best high school life they can possibly have.

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