Today’s Top Teacher Apps

There are plenty of apps out there already to help students stay focused and otherwise help in their learning process, but what about the teachers? This short guide will discuss a few of the more useful ones, and let you know about some potentially harmful ones to investigate further.


Perhaps one of the more well known apps for teachers, particularly in the United States, it wouldn’t be fair to leave ClassDojo out of this list. It is completely free for teachers to use. ClassDojo has been shown to help improve the behavior of students in the classroom over the long-term, while also helping them to build on the skills they need, and has features which allow the parents to get a better view of what their child is doing in school. This can help clear up any misunderstandings that can occur between parents and teachers, particularly when misbehavior is involved.


This app is a great way for teachers, no matter what their level of technical expertise is, to create visual learning tools for their students. This can be as simple as recording a voiceover while you write or draw a lesson plan on your iPad, and the lesson can then be shared with students through any number of means such as YouTube or direct download. Because the teacher is creating these visual lessons themselves, they can be fully customized to the needs of their class.


No matter how great of a teacher you are, most kids would prefer to do stuff rather than listen to you talk about stuff. Instructables helps make that kind of hands-on learning possible, and streamlines the whole process by giving you ideas and techniques to use in the classroom. From cooking to woodworking, and just about anything else you can think of, you will surely find some appropriate DIY projects here.

Too Noisy

You may already be familiar with the traffic light setups you can buy at some teacher supply stores that are sound-sensitive and will light up when classroom noise gets too high, but now there is an app for that. Too Noisy Lite can be used for free online, and Too Noisy Pro can be used on iPad, iPhone, and even iPod Touch, for $3.99.

Potentially Harmful Apps You Should Know About

It is very tough for teachers and parents to keep up with all of the new technology and apps that students are using these days, but a little effort could go a long way in preventing any harmful effects. Due to the over-saturation of Facebook and Twitter, combined with the desire to try new things, the last few years has seen a large rise in the use of anonymous apps as a way for teenagers to communicate without sharing their real name and information.

These anonymous apps – such as Whisper, Secret, YikYak, and others – have made it much easier for cyberbullying and trolling to take hold in a school.

Are your students using anonymous apps? Do they know the risks and legal complications involved? Consider setting an assignment for them to write an essay about internet trolling and cyberbullying to get them thinking about the consequences.

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